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The most realistic way to experience a property online is with 360 degree Panoramic Photos along with Virtual Reality. This allows you to show a property like a 24/7 Open House!!! Show off your property in 360 with a Matterport Virtual Tour. Allowing 360 Degree Views with Virtual Reality features to reach more clients!!! Other Virtual Tour Services include HDR Still Photography with Slideshow Virtual Tours, 360 degree Spherical Stills for Social Media, Panoramic Photos, Floor Plan Views and Zillow Walk Through Videos.


With Matterport Virtual Tours, your clients gain a competitive advantage over other agents by using a 3D Doll House and Virtual Walk Through with floor plan, making you the clear choice to show off a property over the other agents offering a still slide show from the picture gallery.


You can better reach busy or out-of-town buyers, because with Virtual Tours Las Vegas, potential home buyers can feel like they are actually in the home at anytime of day or night. It’s like having a 24/7 Open House! Try out 360 degree Social Media Photos for marketing.


Let us help you raise YOUR profile as a High-Tech real estate agent by using state-of-the-art technology offering a Virtual Walk Through, 3D Dollhouse views and Floor Plan views of the home you are listing for sale. Also add a Zillow Walk Through Video or Youtube video.

Not ready for a Matterport 360 Walk Thru video? Get a Real Estate Photography Shoot with a Gallery Slide Show Virtual Tour for your MLS listing. Or spice up your social media presence with 360 Degree Panorama Photos and a Zillow Walk Through Video Shoot also offered as add on's for your property to stand out from others. Get home buyers or clients to stay on your site longer.

Virtual Tours Las Vegas Offerings

Your Las Vegas Matterport interactive tour solution will create an entire 3D model of the property! Order 360 degree photos for Social Media. Get still Photography with Slide Show Virtual Yours. Get Zillow Walk Through Videos for your real estate listing.
I am a proud Las Vegas Matterport scan service provider! As well as a Las Vegas Real Estate Landscape Photography Service Provider.

My Matterport 3D virtual tour offers an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property at their leisure and see the home from multiple angles. Even get a completely unique sense for the property with the “dollhouse” view. Let me help you raise your profile as a high-tech real estate agent by using state-of-the-art technology offering 360 Panoramic Photos, Virtual Reality, 3D Dollhouse views and Floor Plan views of the home you are listing for sale. We use Matterport 3D Showcases™ for Virtual Tours Las Vegas and create an emotional connection with the home and allow your listing to be shown 24/7. My offerings allow home buyers to stay on the site an average of four minutes longer than other photo slide show offerings that label themselves as “Virtual”. Not Ready for Matterport 3D Showcases? No problem. Try out my other service offerings of 360 Panoramic Photos, Zillow Walk Through Videos, HDR or DSLR Photo Shoots with Photo Slide Shows as well as YouTube videos perfect for Social Media. My 360 Panoramic Photos allow buyers to place themselves at the center of the experience and use their iPhone or Android phone to view a 360 panoramas aka photospheres. The client can put on Virtual Reality Goggles or Google Cardboard Headsets to transport themselves into the property for sale from anywhere on the earth. As a Zillow Certified Photographer, I can offer video walk through videos offering unique insights into a home’s features and layout by showing how the rooms connect. Adding these Zillow Walk Through Videos increases shopper engagement similar to our Matterport Walk Throughs increasing shopper engagement with your listing. Get more views, more contacts, more saves and more listings through Zillow. My HDR photo shoots all come with Virtual Slide Shows. Need a photo shoot of a property for easy entry into the MLS? Order my HDR DSLR Photo Shoot for a more natural shot selection to eliminate under/over exposed areas within your images. I don’t tallow my photo edits to come across as a lipstick edit that was plugged into an algorithm quickly with little attention made to things like cabinets that look oily. Real Estate Photography is difficult to master, but when done correctly, the results are beautiful. When done poorly, the imaging looks surreal and almost like a “cartoon” which is completely unacceptable and misrepresents the property to your buyers. Order natural my photos.

  • Competition for buyers is fierce. Your home will have the latest in real estate marketing technology to increase exposure and showings.

  • A 3D Showcase™, thanks to its revolutionary technology, will engage buyers immediately and increase interest in your home.

  • There are hundreds of listing that are competing for buyers’ attention. Your listing will have the edge needed to stand out from the crowd.

  • Your listing will have a greater chance to sell quicker thanks to the added attention your listing will receive from buyers viewing the 3D tour.

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Why Choose Mike?

Hi, I am Mike Madsen, the Owner / Photographer of Virtual Tours Las Vegas. As a licensed agent, I have been working in Real Estate Marketing and Sales in the Las Vegas Valley since 2006. I have been helped countless listing agents advertise their homes using the latest techniques in Real Estate Marketing and social media. I found my passion was showcasing the positive traits a property would have to offer. By showcasing the best features, I drew out home buyers and followed their comments to see what worked. My specialty is being the link with a vision that “sees” that piece that brings the buyer and agent together.

MLS Branded and Unbranded Pages Available

Virtual Tours Las Vegas 3D Showcase

What I Do

My Virtual Tour offerings begins with offering Matterport 360 Virtual Tours with 3D Doll House and Floor Plan Views, followed by Real Estate Still Photography shoots that come with Photo Slide Show virtual tours on landing pages for MLS unbranded and Agent branded landing pages. I also offer 360 degree social media photos that are great for Social Media advertising. Other services include my Zillow Certified Walk Through videos exclusively for Zillow as well as Desktop YouTube videos of the above tours. See my process and partial portfolio below.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for my latest tours and specials. The free Matterport Virtual Reality Button add on has been extended until June 30th 2017.

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