Pricing for Commercial Photography in Las Vegas, 3D Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, Drone Photos, Google Business Listing 360 Photos

Las Vegas and Henderson Virtual Tour Local Professional

***not an outsource company***

$500 Get Me On Google Arrangement!

10 HDR Photos + Express Virtual Tour + Posting to Google Business

*Express 360 Virtual Tour with (up to 15 panoramas)*

**Express Virtual Tour Can Post On Your Website – Extra Fee If I Host**

***Offer for Business under 5,000 Sq Ft – Add $50 for property over 5,000 Sq Ft (20 panoramas)***

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HDR - Commercial Advertising Photos

My experience has taught to me the angles and lighting that best highlight each space. By alternating my wide-angle and zoom lenses, I’m able to capture the scope and details inside your business and outside.

Using HDR Bracket Photography, I capture your true ambient lighting of the property. Followed by overexposed photos to brighten out the shadows. Finally an underexposed image is used to bring out the darker textures. This allows you to see things like trees in the back yard. Something a typical single shot camera or cell phone has difficulty producing.

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$210  5 HDR Photos

$420 10 Photos

$630  15 Photos

$840  20 Photos

+$42 Extra HDR Photo (per photo)

+$55 – Rush Delivery (Next Day)

+$55 – Export Slide Show to Video (YouTube)

+$200 – Twilight Shooting

+$25 Sky Replacement – per image 

+ $25 Virtual Staging

Commercial Matterport Photographer Las Vegas

Matterport Premier 360 Virtual Tours

Matterport Premier 360 Virtual Tours using 33.6 megapixel HDR 360 imagery to allow visitors to walk through a house looking up and down from floor to ceiling seeing more details than you get with a traditional photo. Tours include a Floor Plan View and 3D Dollhouse View of the property.

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Matterport Tours come with 6 months Free Hosting + 2 MLS Landing Page Tour Links. 1 Agent Branded Page + 1 Unbranded Page

$225 Up to 1,500 sq ft

$245 Up to 2,000 sq ft

$275 Up to 3,000 sq ft

$350 Up to 4,000 sq ft

$405 Up to 5,000 sq ft

$460 Up to 6,000 sq ft

+$55 Additional 1,000 sq ft

Add On’s

+$20 – 5 Panoramic 360 Images from Tour

+$25 – 10 Still HDR Photos from Tour

+$60 – Additional 6 Months Hosting

+$60 – Matterpak for 3rd Party 3D Software

+$60 – Export Video (0-2 minutes, YouTube possible)

+$45 – Schematic 2D floor plan view

+$40 – 20 Mattertags (Descriptions, Images, links)

+$25/hr – Tag Creation (If I have to Create Descriptions & Titles or Find Images & Links for Mattertags and Agent Contact Info & Logo)


Google Street View - Photo Session

Need your Business or Commercial Real Estate Listing to show up better on Google? Want a walk through 360 Virtual Tour using Matterport 360, Swift 360’s or DSLR HDR 360’s? I can shoot images for your Google Street View Listing. I can shoot a Matterport Virtual Tour while adding a $50 fee to place the tour on Google Street View. I could also use the Other 360 virtual tour option listed above with similar pricing listed above. For a more in depth virtual tour option, we could use the DSLR/HDR virtual tour option listed below. Let’s discuss your property and how you would like it presented for Google Street View.

Premium HDR 360 Panoramic Images

Mirrorless HDR 360 Panoramas are ideal for large property virtual tours such as a Hotel Rooms, Restaurants, Night clubs, Photo Galleries, Bars or Clubhouse? If you don’t want to show every square inch of a property, but want to highlight select areas to show your audience? This is a High Definition Photo shoot where we can make a few 360 panoramic images. Save them for social media, We can upload them to Google Street View. You can choose to map these photos out for a virtual tour of your property where the images can be seen with VR Goggles. The process takes less time to shoot than a Matterport 360 photo shoot. Editing to stich will need additional time.

$100 – 5 DSLR/HDR Panoramic 360 Images

$180- 10 DSLR/HDR Panoramic 360 Images

$325 – 20 DSLR/HDR Panoramic 360 Images

+$25 Additional 360 Image

+$50 Google Street View Posting

+$50 Premium Virtual Tour hosting (1 year)

+$100 Premium Slideshow Virtual Tour (1-15 Images)

+$150 Premium Slideshow Virtual Tour (16-30 Images)




Enhanced HDR 360 Panoramic Images (Faster Shoot Time)

HDR 360 Panoramas are shot similar to the Express Panoramic images. The difference starts with the use of a fisheye camera. This uses 2 fisheye lens instead of a single fisheye lens. Instead of stitching 8 photos into one panorama, I am stitching 2 photos together. The savings on my stitch editing time is passed onto you at a 20% off savings. Image quality is strong enough to still be used in web advertising for Hotel Rooms, Restaurants, Night clubs, Photo Galleries, Bars & Clubhouses? Images can still be uploaded to Google Street View and made into Virtual Tours. We can upload them to Google Street View.

$145- 10 HDR Panoramic 360 Images

$260 – 20 HDR Panoramic 360 Images

+$16 Additional 360 Image

+$50 Google Street View Posting

+$50 Enhanced Virtual Tour hosting (1 year)

+$100 Enhanced Slideshow Virtual Tour (1-15 Images)

+$150 Enhanced Slideshow Virtual Tour (16-30 Images)




Express 360/VR Options

Are you looking for some quick 360 photos to share online? Need a faster 360 photo shoot than the Matterport and DSLR 360’s? Swift 360’s are a great tool for use on social media and a fast virtual tour shoot. Create a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Houzz, and Twitter by showing off your space in 360. Get your listing out to more viewers with a quick HDR 360 Photo. Stand alone 360 Video sessions can be available for use on YouTube as well.

Stand Alone 360 Pricing

$100 – 1-15 HDR Panoramic 360’s

$130 – 15-30 HDR Panoramic 360’s

+$10 Each Additional 360

+$50 Google Street View Posting

+$50 Express Virtual Tour hosting (1 year)

+$100 Express Slideshow Virtual Tour (1-15 Images)

+$150 Express Slideshow Virtual Tour (16-30 Images)

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Disclaimer: By definition schematic, is a simplified plan created for marketing purposes. Floor Plans are meant to represent main elements of the house in adequately accurate dimensions. The plan should look proportional, but not relied upon for construction services. Items such as kitchen cabinet, bathroom fixtures and door should look believable in size. Room dimensions should be consistent.

Real Estate Floor Plan Services

Are you searching for help with Floor Plans or As Built Floor Plans in Las Vegas? Virtual Tours Las Vegas Floor Plans can create Floor Plan Renderings of your home or business. Floor Plan Examples can include are 2D Service Floor Plans, 360 Panoramic photos or even 3D Floor Plans which may include virtual staging.  

Schematic Floor Plan Creator

Schematic Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing, Health Department Labeling and Vacation Rental Services


$120 – Single Story up to 2,500 sq ft

$130 – Two Story up to 2,500 sq ft

$160 – Single Story 3,000 to 5,000 sq ft

$175 – Two Story 3,000 to 5,000 sq ft

Email/Text/Call to Quote 5,000 sq ft +

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Social Media Reels

Since the Instagram Reels length runs from 15 to 60 seconds, these short videos are a chance to quickly grab users’ attention. Get a 30 Sec Speed Tour of your business. Shoting. Shot in a 9:16 Vertical/Portrait aspect ratio. Get Attention Grabbing Transitions that are Perfect for Social Media.

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Zillow Walk Thru Video Home Play
+$350 – 30 Second Social Media Reels

Providing a 360 Walk Through of a property with Zillow 3D Home. I will discount the service when you add a Zillow 3D Home tour with other stand alone services. (10-12 total 360’s)

Commercial Drone Photos Las Vegas
Las Vegas Drone Photography

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Las Vegas Drone Photography

Las Vegas Real Estate Drone Photography is a touchy subject for offering in the Las Vegas Valley. The FAA states that drones are not to take off anywhere within 5 miles of an airport. We have 4 large airports plus Nellis Air Force Base spread across the valley. There are some pockets across the valley where take offs are no problem. Other locations require some form of approval process for me to go through as a UAS Part 107 Certificated Drone Pilot. Let’s discuss what you are looking for and see if a drone flight will work out for your particular situation.

Walk Through Video Reel

Give buyers a virtual tour of your listing. I have offer stabilized video footage that simulates a real walkthrough.. Walk Through Videos offer a quick run through of a property. Avoid the shaky home made video on your phone and add this feature to your session. Walk Through Video Reels can be ordered as an Add On Service or Stand Alone Order. Time 1 minute.

Steadycam Las Vegas Offering
+$750 – Walk Through Video – Stand Alone

Videos tend to need about 2 hours of editing for every 1 minute of filmed footage.

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