Zillow recently announced they will be allowing real estate agents to add a Zillow Virtual Tour Link to their listings in Las Vegas. The Zillow Virtual Tour Link is located under the stacks of photos added to your listing.

The Zillow Virtual Tour Link will now be featuring 3D Virtual Tour showcases on their property listings in the Zillow Virtual Tour Link. This is a feature that will now be available for both rental and real estate sale properties. 3D Virtual Tours are a huge step above the current panorama Virtual Tours that simply pan across a photo or in some cases stitch a couple photos together. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours create a virtual tour showcase that feels natural and allows the viewer to move through the property at their leisure.

Having your property professionally scanned by a Matterport Service provider like Virtual Tours Las Vegas and displaying the 3D Virtual Tour on your Zillow Virtual Tour Link will give you a lofty edge over your competition.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours offer multiple features like First Person 3D walk through mode, Dollhouse view and Floor plan view. Move through the interior easily like Google Street View (indoors), then zoom out to the “Dollhouse view“ for a 3D isometric view or floorplan for a birds eye view with the roof removed.

How do you ask? You are presenting a 3D Virtual Tour option in Las Vegas to your viewers who may live in town, out of state or even out of the country. In essence you are offering an open house walk-through without the prospective buyers or renters having to leave their home or schedule an appointment for a later date. Time is money and they get to see the home in first person right then and there with no waiting. This in turn will allow you to schedule physical open house tours to more serious investors and serious home buyers for your listings.

Are you interested in getting your property scanned and turned into a 3D Virtual Tour Showcase for the Zillow Virtual Tour Link? Schedule a 3D Virtual Tour Scan today or contact us.

For those wanting a little more guidance on the Zillow Virtual Tour Link, checkout the “Adding a Matterport Showcase to a Zillow Listing” how to article by Matterport.