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HDR Photographer Las Vegas

Welcome to my professional real estate photography services portfolio page in Las Vegas, NV. As a real estate photographer, I understand the importance of time in our industry, and that’s why I strive to offer a 1-day turnaround time as a standard for all my home photography shoots. My goal is to make your space look its best and evoke the desired emotional response from prospective buyers across the country.

My shoots come in various packages, a normal package that typically yields 30-35 photos, and a 50 images package that is best suited for homes above 2,700 sq ft. On a typical home, I capture about 5 exterior photos, 3-4 shots of key rooms like the living room, kitchen, family rooms, loft areas, and the primary bedroom. For bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices, I capture about 1-3 images depending on decor placement.

Lastly, secondary bathrooms and garages usually get a single shot. However, I can adjust my shooting to capture more or fewer images of a particular space based on your direction.

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Professional Grade Real Estate Photography


All of my photo shoots are done using HDR brackets, a process of using natural ambient light, followed by overexposed lighting and then underexposed lighting. This technique ensures accurate color representation of the space, eliminates some shadows, and brightens unlit walls. Many times, it allows us to look out the window instead of having the entire view blown out. The delivered photos range in number, depending on the property size.

When preparing the home for the photo shoot, please clean and declutter as much as possible. I highly recommend that homeowners and pets not be present during the shoot to avoid longer shoot times, interrupted workflow, and forgotten spaces. Please clear or minimize bathroom vanities, and ensure all light bulbs are working. Treat me like I am your first showing of the home because I am documenting your property for all other home buyers to see.

All of my shoots offer low-res internet resolution download for easy uploading on MLS and social media. Additionally, high-resolution print quality downloads are available upon request prior to the photo shoot. With my photography services, you can be sure that you’ll receive quality images that meet or exceed your expectations. Contact me today to order your professional real estate photography for vacant homes.

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Vacant Homes – Professional Photography For Real Estate


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Is Your Professional Real Estate Photography being Shot by a Pro?

Middle Man Advertising Companies hit me up all the time asking me to shoot real estate photos for next to nothing. These jobs are for kids just out of college or stay at home mothers who wish to fill time while their kids are at school. Are you getting a person who clicks a button on camera for a middle man company from somewhere else or a true professional who understands light, depth, real estate marketing and what attracts Home Buyers in Southern Nevada?

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Michaels Real Estate Photography Experience

I have kept a Nevada Real Estate license alive since February 2006 that is still active today. I was recruited to advertise Bank Owned Homes for multiple brokerages following the housing crash of  2008. During that time I moved up to being a Marketing Director and managing a buyer team for the brokerages. I matched up the marketing the agents needed to help show off the properties they would show. In turn, I would learn what marketing was effective and what was not effective in helping the agents generate leads. All while keeping the banks happy with the advertising and offer results that came back to their desks. I picked up a Part 107 license to legally fly drones for marketing pictures. Below are some other classes I have taken over the years to keep current on Real Estate Photography.

Real Estate Photography Credentials Certified
Real Estate Photography Exploring Photography: Exposure and Dynamic Range VR Photography and Video Landscape Photography: Wide-Angle Lenses
Real Estate Photography: Master Bathrooms Internet Marketing Travel Photography Photography Business: The Basics
Enhancing a Sunset Photograph with Lightroom and Photoshop Marketing Pricing and Client Relations Drones versus Planes Photography Foundations: Exposure
Photography: Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop Shooting in Low Light Real Estate Photography: Exterior at Twilight Introduction to Photography

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