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North Las Vegas Zillow Walk Through Video Tour Photographer

This is a simple Zillow Walk Through Video Tour add on shot of a home in North Las Vegas.

  • Listings with Zillow Video Walkthroughs show up in organic zip code searches as top-ranked houses.  This means listings with videos are displayed in the first and second position.
  • Listings older than 60 or 90 days can be refreshed with a Video Walkthrough and instantly return to competitive rankings.
  • Potential buyers are 300% more likely to view your listing on Zillow.
  • Walkthrough videos can be moved from Zillow to be placed in unbranded MLS listings or on your website.


Potential buyers want to preview a listing before visiting it in person. A ZIllow Walk Through video offers a high level of engagement helping to:

  • Give the buyers a sense of space and layout of the home.
  • Increase the value of other marketing materials — a video Walk Through adds accuracy to the professional photography you and I shot and placed onto Zillow, this allows potential buyers to understand how rooms flow together and connect when referencing back to the photo gallery.
  • Demonstrate competency and forward thinking in their selection of a Realtor for listings.
  • Capture buyer attention on other medias — social media pages, your Realtor website and YouTube.

Are You Utilizing Zillow’s Video Walk-through Feature?

Where your listings rank in search is everything. Businesses are obsessed with ranking number one on Google, it drives traffic. Athletes want to win and rank so they can get exposure and ultimately endorsements. Why wouldn’t you, as a Realtor, play the game the same way?

  • Each video showcases the home in 2 minutes or less, without sound.  These are traits dictated by Zillow.
  • Zillow Video Walkthroughs are recorded and uploaded to be published instantly.
  • Each photographer is equipped with the latest technology and a stabilizing gimbal, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Zillow Video Walkthroughs can be ordered as an add-on service with any photography session at a discounted rate, or as an exclusive service.  For the most up-to-date rates, please visit my product and pricing page.

Zillow Certified Photographer in Las Vegas Virtual Tour Product

Virtual Tour Product